Issues and Solutions

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Thank you for your interest in Greenspage SEO and Web Design. We are excited to offer our Ultimate SEO Package free for 6 months to the first 5 clients who qualify. By submitting this form, you agree to the following eligibility requirements and understand the potential issues we aim to address to ensure a smooth and effective partnership.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Open to All Websites:
    • We welcome all types of websites, regardless of the industry or size.
  2. Open to Suggestions:
    • Clients must be receptive to our expert recommendations and suggestions for improving their site and SEO performance.
  3. Organic SEO Only:
    • This offer is specifically for organic SEO services, focusing on improving your site’s visibility in search engine results without paid advertising.
  4. Improved Rankings:
    • Our goal is to enhance your website’s rankings. If you’re not currently on the first page, we will help you get there and likely achieve much higher rankings.
  5. Blacklisted Sites:
    • If your site is blacklisted, additional costs may be involved to address the issues and restore your site’s standing.
  6. Specialization in Similar Sites:
    • We have a proven track record of ranking sites similar to yours and are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Potential Issues and Solutions

  1. High Volume of Inquiries:
    • Issue: Receiving more inquiries than we can handle might lead to delays.
    • Solution: We have set up an automated response system to acknowledge receipt of your form and provide an estimated timeframe for a personal response.
  2. Quality of Leads:
    • Issue: Not all leads may be serious or suitable.
    • Solution: We have included qualifying questions in the form to filter out less serious inquiries and ensure they meet our criteria.
  3. Handling Blacklisted Sites:
    • Issue: Blacklisted sites may require more effort and resources.
    • Solution: We clearly state the potential additional costs for blacklisted sites upfront and offer a preliminary assessment to gauge the level of work required.
  4. Expectations vs. Reality:
    • Issue: Clients may have unrealistic expectations regarding SEO results.
    • Solution: We set clear expectations during initial consultations about what is achievable within the given timeframe and emphasize that SEO results can take time.
  5. Compliance with Google Ads Policies:
    • Issue: Our ad campaign must comply with Google Ads policies.
    • Solution: Our ad copy avoids absolute guarantees and focuses on our commitment to improving rankings, ensuring compliance with Google Ads policies.
  6. Scalability of Free Offer:
    • Issue: Offering free services to the first 5 customers might not be scalable.
    • Solution: We limit the scope of the free services to a manageable level and consider offering a discounted rate for those who miss out on the initial offer.
  7. Managing Expectations for Free Services:
    • Issue: Free services might lead to clients expecting the same level of service as paid clients.
    • Solution: We clearly define the scope of the free services and communicate this to clients, ensuring they understand what is included and what is not.
  8. Legal and Contractual Issues:
    • Issue: Legal and contractual issues could arise from misunderstandings or unmet expectations.
    • Solution: We provide clear, written agreements outlining the terms of the free service, including any limitations and the client’s responsibilities.
  9. Reputation Risk:
    • Issue: Failure to deliver promised results could harm our reputation.
    • Solution: We ensure that we have the resources and capability to deliver on our promises and maintain regular communication with clients to manage their expectations.
  10. Resource Allocation:
    • Issue: Allocating resources to handle free services might strain our team.
    • Solution: We carefully plan our resource allocation to ensure our team is prepared to handle the additional workload without compromising the quality of service for paying clients.


We are committed to providing high-quality SEO services and helping your business achieve its online potential. By understanding and addressing these potential issues, we aim to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial partnership. Thank you for considering Greenspage SEO and Web Design for your SEO needs. We look forward to working with you.