GoDaddy customer serviceGoDaddy customer service

GoDaddy has good customer service as well as great prices for domains, but the hosting is expensive when you look at what you get, there is better hosting for a cheaper and has better features. But for a cheap domain, I would recommend this promo.

Please remember, this is only for one month, but as the video says this hosting is for 1 cent, and therefore you only get it for one month and then go month to month at the regular price, while it is a great special, there are other specials, but this is great value for the month to see how good Hostgator is. So if you want to get the 1 cent hosting use the following code:


If you would like a great special for 3 years to use the following code and check out the following video:


Astra wordpress theme

Astra WordPress theme is one of those themes that are not only easy to use but is also one that makes building a website simple, download it now and see what I am talking about. If you would like to see it in action check out the video here.

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